The College Prep Series is an intensive, hands-on series that guides Latino high school students through the daunting college application process. Participants benefit from hands-on training from university professors, admissions officers, financial aid officers as well as one-on-one mentorship with a current college student. From ACT/SAT prep to college tours, the College Prep Series is meant to educate students on the benefits of going to college and support them as they work through the challenges many students face in preparing for their futures. For more information please call (504) 821-7228

The College Prep Series is comprised of twelve sessions which are divided into lectures and one-on-one mentor time. In addition to these structured sessions College Prep provides students with several opportunities to connect with their college mentors, participants volunteer at New Orleans Saints games, go on college tours and attend New Orleans Pelicans games. Mentors must attend a mentor orientation at the beginning of each semester as well as a mentor check-in halfway through the College Prep semester. In order to keep students engaged over the summer the series provides a College prep writing session to improve participant’s writing skills.