Unidad Hispanoamericana honoring the rich and diverse cultural Hispanic Legancy will present once again its signature event Miss Hispanoamericana Pageant as follows:
Saturday, April 27, from 8:00PM - 1:00AM.
Miss Unidad Hispanoamericana 2013-2014 Pageant at Best Western Landmark Hotel, 2601 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA 70002.
Event includes dining pageant, dancing and open bar. The Participants in the pageant are young women elected by local non-profit social-cultural organizations representing their respective Latin American or Caribbean countries. The contestants are expected to perform a folkloric dance, evening dress and Q&A. Contestants will be judged on presentation, elegance, choreography and assertiveness. Each of the contestants is also expected to represent their countries with grace and respect. The contestant chosen as Miss Unidad Hispano Americana will be the embodiment of what the Latin American/Caribbean community represents and will be expected to share its pride and heritage.
This year’s contestants are:
  • Srta. Colombia - Michelle Aragon
  • Srta. Ecuador - Kenia Villacres
  • Srta. Guatemala - Alejandro Piñon
  • Srta. Honduras - Karla Paredes
  • Srta. Mexico - Mariana Marquez
  • Srta. Nicaragua - Chantal Guy
  • Srta. Republica Dominicana - Kendry Lopez
For additional information of for event sponsorship please contact us. Jose Arrecavala, 504.466.1483 Rafael Saddy 504.464.4619 Unidad Hispanoamericana / P.O. Box 640615 - Kenner, LA 70064